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Quick English For IT Job Interviews: Why do you want to leave your current company?

Common Job Interview Question: Why do you want to leave your current company?

Response A: 
I have enjoyed my time at Monotech, however, the company is heading toward more automation and offering less opportunities to explore new technologies. In my role as a system administrator, I enjoyed being able to keep up to date on the latest software and hardware and have an active role in the maintenance of the systems. However, with more automation, I am doing less and less which impacts my career growth.

Response B: 
Working for Mavis Technologies was a wonderful experience, however, I wanted to go back to school in order to take my career to the next level. Upon finishing my new degree, I came across this position and felt it was more in line with my new career path.

Homework: Can you come up with two additional ways to respond to the interviewer’s question?