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Quick English For IT Job Interviews: What is your greatest weakness?

Common Job Interview Question: What is your greatest weakness?

Response A: 
I pride myself on taking care of tasks and issues quickly and find that I am often requested when something needs to get done right away. However, this usually means that I solve problems without documenting them or sharing the solution with my team. To solve the problem, I have set aside time every day to record what steps I took to solve an issue or to document a new procedure.

Response B: 
My biggest weakness is not responding to emails in a timely way. I often spend my day attending meetings and working tickets and don’t make reading emails a priority. I prefer to discuss topics and issues in person or over the phone but need to remember that some people are not accessible in these ways. I am working on checking my email more often and replying immediately instead of leaving it for later.

Homework: Can you come up with two additional ways to respond to the interviewer’s question?