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Quick English For IT Job Interviews: What is your biggest strength?

Common Job Interview Question: What is your biggest strength?

Response A: 
As a computer operator at a large utilities company, I worked on a rotating shift and had to be flexible in the event the team was short coverage. I understand this position also involves rotational shift work and you are looking for someone who is open and available for this type of scheduling. My experience shows that I work well with a schedule that varies which would make me a good fit for this role.

Response B: 
During my employment as an IT project manager, I learned that having good communication skills meant the difference between heading a successful project and heading one full of missed deadlines and incorrect deliverables. So, I have continued to improve my communication skills via work experience and ongoing training. In doing so, I have been able to effectively and consistently communicate the needs and policies of different teams and complete projects with satisfactory results.

Homework: Can you come up with two additional ways to respond to the interviewer’s question?