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Business English For Conversations

This lesson is for non-native, English-speaking, Information Technology professionals. This lesson will help you listen, speak and remember Business English more effectively during your information technology career.


With this English lesson, you will become comfortable, confident and capable with the following:

  • Listening to complex speech.
  • Understanding complex speech.
  • Speaking with confidence and complexity.
  • Remembering what you've learned even after significant time has passed.


During this real-world-scenario-based lesson, you will cover the following key language skills: listening and speaking using spaced repetition. You will learn how to respond appropriately during conversations and you will learn new vocabulary and grammar with little effort.

Additional lesson-related materials may include:

  • Vocabulary exercises to help you with pronunciations, definitions and word usage.
  • Grammar exercises to help you improve your understanding and usage of English grammar.
  • Listening exercises to help you improve your English listening skills.
  • Speaking exercises to help you improve your English speaking skills.

These additional English lesson materials will be available for download as soon as you book the lesson.

What's Included:

  • One 50 Minute Zoom Lesson.
  • A friendly, experienced English trainer.
  • All course materials and resources.
  • Professional feedback.